Offered in collaboration with Siena Italian Studies, the Arts & Humanities Semester in Tuscany is administratively housed at Montana State University but is open to students from all majors and all schools. The A&HST is the official semester-abroad program of the Tuscany Arts & Humanities Consortium, a growing group of American universities and colleges.

In addition to the regular program, the A&HST also offers a full-semester program in music, with opportunities for private study, music theory and history, chamber music, and participation in choral and orchestral groups.  For more information, please see Academic Program/Music.




The A&HST is based at the International Center for the Study of Italian Language and Culture in the heart of Siena, Italy.  It offers a unique program based on a combination of Italian language and culture study, service learning, and academic courses in art and art history, music, and photography, as well as in the humanities, social studies, and business.  Courses are taught in Italian, with some English used in some courses. 

The A&HST’s philosophy is that of full but gentle immersion in Italian language and culture.  The program offers Italian language classes for highly motivated beginners, as well as intermediate and advanced students, using a teaching method based on Full Immersion: Culture, Content, and Service (FICCS). 


A gradual and gentle process of discovering a new culture through interactive language learning, the FICCS method is designed for all types of students whose motivations for studying abroad may be varied.  Whether the motivation is to acquire a mastery of the Italian language, using the language in the study of Renaissance art and music, traveling throughout Italy, or working alongside the locals in a variety of service learning situations, this program is ideal for all types of students.

Whatever your reason for studying in Italy may be, the Arts & Humanities Semester in Tuscany is sure to offer an absolutely unforgettable experience abroad.